What do we offer?

Modern laboratories

Testing Laboratories Eurosignal (ZTL) - EMC laboratory and Climatic test laboratory are new and modern. They´re equipped by computer controlled testing systems and kits that can be found in other test houses in Czech Republic and surrounding countries. The laboratories are featuring for example two temperature/RH test chambers, where one of them offers a unique inner capacity of 27 m3. There is also semianechoic EMC chamber Frankonia, effective for electromagnetic radiation interference tests and HF interference immunity tests, see gallery on the right.

TLE also operates with a number of portable and non-portable testers, testing devices, products, coupling/decoupling units, artifitial networks, coupling clamps, antennas, thermo, heat and humidity probes, data loggers and more equipment necessary for tests in our test portfolio.

This equipment along with highly qualified staff allows us operating tests that are comparable - by scope and quality - to the menues of other Czech and international prestigious laboratories.

Speed and flexibility

Your deadlines are due? Nevemind, we´ll be happy to help you. Call us right now - we can find a suitable term for your appointment. Although our capacity utilization is mostly busy, we rarely reject anyone. Our costumers take turn usually within one weeks time, in highly exposed season (for example before summer vacations or at the end of the year) maximum within two weeks since initial contact!

Partial tests

Have you not passed the test in another another laboratory? Are you not successfull at finding a suitable EMC solution for your product? Nevermind, we are ready for these situations! You can do neverending tests within our labs and discover the ostensibly unsolvable problem. Take your developer or someone who knows the product construction with and we´ll look for suitable solution together. We´ll repeat the partial tests in every possible variety of involvement with a spectrum of EMC filters, with spectrum of points of view, of HW and SW connection possibilities, until we fix the problem.

We guarantee quality results

Both ZTL labs - EMC lab and Climatic test lab are accredited by CAI according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025. You can object, that accredited tests are tests of routine in accordance with agreed normative regulations and procedures, that do not permit any non-standard activities such as editing or making adjustments. You are not wrong!

Accreditation is not just about routine testing. It is adjusting every other "non-testing" activity of the lab. For example - accreditation guarantees, that all used equipment and utilities are regularly calibrated and accreditation also makes sure, all the testing procedures and testing SW are veryfied and provides correct results. Accreditation also guarantees, that the lab staff has a sufficient qualification and this qualification is regularly maintained, eventually expanded by suitable education or trainings. This "non-testing" background, these regulations and procedures are very usefull while doing the laboratory work and testing.

Our accreditation granted by CAI guarantees you - our clients - that even by proceeding non-accredited performance, we will be using accredited procedures and regulations and provide quality along with repeatability of all our outcomes.  

Testing with Test reports

Do you need an EC Declaration of Conformity? Do you need to declare the parameters of your device to your costumer? No problem! Your device will be tested, checked or measured and result will be proceeded in an exhausting Test report. In case you´re interested this Test report can be accredited *).

*) ZTL is emmiting accredited Test reports only with accredited tests.

Testing without Test reports

All you need is just to see the results, or to settle for just the statements of testers and no protocols need? For us it is no problem for you, and significant savings in expenditures for testing, respectively. for the issuance of the Test Report! Ideal especially in the case of "tuning" the parameters of your device.